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Since 2004 Maloja has stood for respect for nature and humanity, finding creative inspiration through simple things in life and courage and determination to go our own way. Every time.

Maloja represents a lifestyle spent in the outdoors and on the mountain.


Sätila of Sweden is a knitting company that was founded in 1896 in Sätila, a small village in Sweden. We are still located at the same place and our offer is built on manufacture fashion accessories of highest quality and with a high degree of consciousness. Our foundation is built on sustainability but also exploring new techniques regarding design and function.
Same place, same tradition, same passion since 1896.

Varg, born out of longing for the authentic Scandinavian emotion Yearning for functional clothes for the adventures of life. Careful and respectful of our environment. The mix between the rugged sporty and clearly Scandinavian design makes Varg unique.

we norwegians

We Norwegians bring our passion for Merino into luxury apparel, made from the highest quality Merino yarns. Merino wool in its natural state is a marvel of nature. We Norwegians super fine merino wool base layers are great for wearing under ski suits or lounging after you hit the slopes. Our designs reflect the idea of combining the best of our heritage and identity with the finest of modern Scandinavian life and what inspires us. This is Scandinavian Luxury.


Happy, smart, and functional women’s wear calling us to be active, have fun, and venture outside. Skhoop’s skirts are equally well suited to everyday moments, leisure activities and in the saddle activities. Their uses are as numerous as the models on offer. Running, cross-country skiing, slalom skiing, biking and horse riding are just a few uses for our skirts. But SKHOOP is so much more than skirts- check it out.

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